Canal de la Marne au Rhin - Mauvages Tunnel

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Canal de la Marne au Rhin - Mauvages Tunnel

Ian Ferguson-3
Members navigating, or intending to navigate, the Marne au Rhin (Ouest) may
wish to know that towage through the Mauvages tunnel is once again
'obligatoire'. We arrived at the tunnel yesterday expecting to motor through
as we did last year, only to find the tunnel entrance blocked by the tug. We
were informed that we must be towed through - no reason given but presumably
size related (we are 25meteres). We took two lines from the tug (crossed)
and were towed through quite comfortably at about 4 km/p/h. we were followed
by a small cruiser, a yacht and a barge of about 15m, all under their own
power and, I guess, fairly unhappy with the rate of progress. I had thought
that compulsory towage through this tunnel was a thing of the past - but
apparently not!  Is this VNF working to rule?

Ian Ferguson


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